August 2, 2014

Outstanding Human brain

The human brain is the most outstanding thing……. – it functions 24hrs; 365 days – it functions right from the time u r Born…. > > […]
August 16, 2014

Fastest communication

Three FASTEST means of Communication: 1. Tele-Phone 2. Tele-Vision 3. Tell a Woman……. > > > > > Need still FASTER – Tell her NOT to […]
August 17, 2014

Best wine and woman

A man got 2 wishes from GOD. He asked for the Best wine and Best Woman. Next moment, he had the Best Wine and Mother Teresa […]
August 19, 2014

Gender mismatch

A: Just look at that young person with the short hair and blue jeans. Is it a boy or a girl? B: It’s a girl. She’s […]
August 26, 2014

Why did u shoot ur wife?

Judge: Why did u shoot ur wife instead of shooting her lover? Sardar: Your honour, it’s easier to shoot a woman once, than shooting one man […]
September 21, 2014

Call your wife from HELL !!

A man went to hell and asked the Yamraj (SATAN) if he can call his wife. Yamraj said “u can do that” After man spoke to […]
September 23, 2014

Why MEN and WOMEN Dont Understand Each Other?

Why Men n Women Don’t Understand Each Other? Bcoz.. God Gave Good Brains To Men n Good Hearts To Women.. But.. Men Use Their Hearts & […]
September 26, 2014

Career OR Wife?

Choosing Career Is Like…. Choosing A Wife From 10 Girls…. Even If You Pick The Most BEAUTIFUL INTELLIGENT KINDEST WOMAN…. There’s Still Pain Of Losing The […]
October 6, 2014

Who’s that girl?

One Woman Asks To Another, At A Dinner Party: “Where’s That Beautiful Girl Who Was Serving Drinks…?” Other Woman: “Whom Do You Want? The Girl Or […]
October 18, 2014


Strange Life:- A Cockroach is afraid of Rat; Rat is afraid of Cat; Cat is afraid of Dog; Dog is afraid of Man; Man is afraid […]
October 20, 2014

What is RECESSION???

Interviewer: What is Recession ??? Candidate: When “Wine & Women” get replaced by “Water & Wife”, that critical phase of life… is called Recession
February 6, 2015
wife, shot


2 Cops Call The CRIME BRANCH On Telephone To Give A Feedback On A HOMICIDE Case. COP: Hello. CRIME BRANCH? CB: YES. COP: This Is Sergeant […]
October 27, 2018


If a woman doesn’t keep a KarvaChauth fast, does it count as attempt to murder?