Social Jokes

October 17, 2017

Corporate HRs shopping peanuts for Diwali bonus

December 29, 2016
investment, risk

Modi speech disclaimer!!

Investments are subject to Modi risks… Please listen to his speech carefully before investing!!
November 28, 2016
8, pm

Modi’s favorite drink

Modi’s favorite drink
October 10, 2016
inner peace, condom, mart, city

My Ex!!

My ex and I recently broke up. She’s a cashier at a local mini mart, so from time to time when I want to stress her […]
October 5, 2016
salman, license, pakistan, terrorist, government

Punekar rocks!!

Salman Khan: Pakistani kalakaar aatankwadi nahi hain.. Unko visa sarkar ne diya hai..!! Punekar: Arey yede, sarkaar ne tujhe driving license bhi toh diya tha na..!!
June 30, 2016
whatsapp, message, month

Teenager missing !!

A teenager went missing. His family uploaded a message on whatsapp with his photo. He was found, thanks to whatsapp. It is more than three months […]
May 8, 2016
nirupa, roy

Most irresponsible mother….

Most irresponsible mother….
November 5, 2015

Hidden features of Tata sky…

November 5, 2015

Ajay after dengue…

June 19, 2015
close, minute, silence

Are you at work??

2 minutes silence for the people…. Who stay close to offices or who reached office early.
May 22, 2015
sun, earth

Isn’t it??

Mumbai Heat…
May 15, 2015
driver, high, court


Outside court Salman’s car was surrounded by media… He then sat on the driver’s seat and everyone ran away!
May 7, 2015
salman, khan

Kya app is Kavi ko jante hai??

Zindagi khoobsurat hai… Sirf aadmi ne daru nahi pini chahiye… Kavi.. SALMAN KHAN
May 6, 2015
salman, khan, support

Entire family was in court….

Entire family of Salman Khan was in court to support him. – This is what happens when you are the only one who earns in the […]
May 6, 2015
salman, khan

Bhai ne Bola…..

Bhai ne bola…… “Mujh pe ek ehsaan karna ke mujhpe koi ehsaan mat karna” Judge ne serious le liya isko….:D